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Handtied Extensions

This month we are focusing on extensions. I have a serious love affair with my weave as I lovingly refer to it. My hair has always been thin, lacking volume, and needing a little umpf. Enter in the wonderful world of extensions. This month we are gonna dive real deep into this world and answer all your burning questions about extenions.

Get ready to be blown away!

The biggest myth about hair extensions is that they are damaging! I keep hearing this from a lot of people. Beaded row extensions are not damaging if done properly. Beauty professionals and clients alike need to be educated on this fact. To prove it I’m including natural hair before and after wearing extensions for a whole year. This client even has an auto immune disorder that can cause breakage and brittle hair but guess what her hair looks better after wearing weave for a year. Please stop this terrible rumor that this is damaging. If you are seeing a trained professional that has a certification in extensions then you are in safe hands. Onstyle salon has been trained in JZ styles extensions. It’s also important to realize that if something is causing damage then we would immediately stop the service. If rules and hair are not properly maintained then the service will not be performed. It’s easy you have to follow the rules to stay in the game. We take the integrity of your hair as a top priority. So please, share with a friend today EXTENSIONS ARE NOT DAMAGING! Improper education and care are damaging not extensions.

2 ways to ensure that you maintain optimal extension health

Brush, brush, and brush some more. IF you don’t keep up with brushing your weave then it can become matted. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Hydrate: Extension hair is naturally hydrated like the rest of your hair from your scalp. So always use a hair oil like Kevin Murphy’s Young again oil. Hydrate those ends and keep them healthy.

3 easy steps to extension success

Step 1: When you wash you hair make sure you get in between the wefts. I suggest bringing a hair clip into the shower so you can pin hair up to separate and conquer.

Step 2: Always get your extensions nice and dry. Wet hair is at its most vulnerable. Keeping them wet can cause the wefts to breakdown and add unnecessary tensions on your natural hair.

Step 3: Use a heat protectant. That extensions hair will not just grow back in if you damage it. It’s important to keep the heat low and use a heat protectant to protect your investment.

A quick tip to keep your extensions healthy is to use a little serum on the morning and night. Just at the ends to ensure they stay properly hydrated.

3 reasons why you should give extensions a try.

If you aren’t happy with the thickness if your hair. The thickness and length of your hair all depends on your growth cycle. If you have a shorter growth cycle then its near impossible to get the hair to the length you want. Add a couple rows of hair and watch the hair transform to the length you have always dreamed.

If you are constantly battling oiliness. I know if sounds crazy but the extensions helps collect the oils from your natural hair. Making it easier to longer between washer.

If you hair won’t hold style. That’s right the extensions hair is the hair you have always dreamed of. It hold the style so well that usually you can sleep on it and wake up with the same style. This saves time and is less damaging to the hair.

4 major mistakes you are making with extensions

You aren’t brushing them root to end at least twice a day. It’s easy for them to be matted so its super important that you brush them regularly.

Using the wrong sunscreen. This one is important for us Florida ladies. The ingredient in traditional sunsreen, Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) which is an oil-soluble ingredient used in sunscreen, can cause the extensions to be discolored. Blondes are more prone to this discoloration. This ingredient turns the hair a coral/orange color and is not removable. Once the extensions have been discolored the only fix is to order new wefts. Use mineral sunscreen in place of traditional sunscreen to avoid this ingredient.

Too much purple shampoo. The constant purple dye load breaks down the weft and can cause damage that otherwise would not be there.

Lack of hydration. The extensions need moisture. The extensions are not growing from the scalp like your real hair so its important to masque the hair weekly and use a hair oil.

3 must have for extensions:

A brush on you at all times. Just in case you get stuck in a wind storm or are our all day. It’s important to keep a travel brush on hand. That’s why we give all our new extension ladies a little travel wet brush included with your first purchase.

Silk scrunchies is a must with extensions. The silk scrunchie is really gentle on the hair and you never know when you have get that weave under control.

Hair serum to hydrate the ends is a must.

Something you might not know about extensions is that its all real hair. Most of our hair comes from a mosque in India where the hair is donated as apart or a religious ceremony.

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